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Supermutt is a super fun Rock outfit from Jersey City.  They wield the power of Ska in a superb, shameless fashion.  They are upbeat, energetic and ready to make a difference.  While the subject matter of their off-the-wall music video “No Shame” aims to save humanity from an ICBM with the power of music, their real plan is more down-to-earth but equally impactful.

Supermutt champions a charity under the JDJ Foundation.  Super Sounds was created in memory of Thomas Keating and Brian Law.  It is a music program aimed at aiding cancer patients with the power of music.  The band raises funds to purchase headphones, musical instruments, concert tickets, and live music performances to help patients during treatment.

You can donate to Super Sounds at

Find Supermutt’s music and learn more about everything the band is up to via their linktree page!

Check out the video for “No Shame”!