I know it sounds crazy and is it really chicken? Well, a place up in Springfield NJ at a place called Columbus Farmers Market on Route 206 just did that with their fried chicken.

The place does not look like you would stop and grab fried chicken, I know a lot of us have been to flea markets and gotten some great deals and even some odd items, like when I was a kid that had a flea market by me we would go there and get fake I.D’s but eating fried chicken is the last thing I would eat at a flea market.

There is a place called The Chicken Coop and apparently, they are ranting a raving about this fried chicken. The Columbus Farmers Market had been around for 70 years and I’m guessing they are doing it right. So if you’re around the Burlington County Springfield area on route 206 stop by and give it a shot.

Here at the Rat, we always ask you to vote when we do the Rat’s Shore Awards and we thank you for always stepping up and doing that, but I don’t recall ever seeing on the list “Best Fried Chicken.”

If you do go to this place, please let us know how it is or maybe you know a great place that has fried chicken and want to let us know please do. I know I love some great fried chicken and with all this talk now about it I need to get out there and get some.  What do you think is next maybe a Strip Club will get voted for “Best Fried Green Beans !” – Gotts

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