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Limited sales begin Friday morning, here’s where.

Miller High Life is selling a “Leg Lamp Beer Tower” for the holidays based on the lamp from the movie, “A Christmas Story”.

They’re selling a limited number through their online store this Friday at 10:00 A.M. Eastern.  Each lamp holds a full six-pack, and there’s a tap at the bottom you pour from.  Even at $120, they’ll probably sell out fast.

The leg itself looks a little different.  It’s based on the “Girl in the Moon” logo that’s been on Miller High Life bottles for decades.  It’s got a red boot with red-and-gold stockings, and a lamp shade on top.  Yes, it does light up.

It’s 45 inches tall, which is a little shorter than the lamp from the movie.  But it does come in a box with the word “FRAGILE” on the side.

You can check it out at  Just click on “Shop Merch“.

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