Hey, Rat Rockers! I wanted to share such a beautiful story with you with a bunch of the most courageous and hardworking kids that have gone above and beyond without hearing!

This story is what dreams are made of and as a team they made it happen. This is so unbelievable and will make you very proud. We take things over to Riverside California where 68 years ago a school for deaf children can get together and learn how to talk and communicate with one another.

Well, this year they made history by getting together and getting a football team up and running and even the coaches are deaf as well. These young boys not hearing the crowds routing them on but in their hearts, they knew they could do anything together and proved it, because they just won the 2022 CIF football State Championship as reported by CBS Los Angeles.

This is the story where you say to yourself “yup anything can happen” well this team just did it. Let’s give a huge shout-out to these youngsters called ” The Cubs ” and congratulations on making such an amazing historic spot not only on the field but in our hearts. These boys have been reported to be showing up to practice every day and saying “We will do this and no one will stop us! We are a brotherhood and a family!”

Just think they said that is sign language. These kids and coaches deserve a huge shout-out and big congrats for their hearts and spirits in the game we call football. And if that hasn’t already strung the heartstrings the cheerleading squad of the team even signed the National Anthem!!

Football is a very loud game with the fans, the bands, the hitting of helmets, the groans, and the moans but for the deaf kids of The Cubs team, the only thing they needed to hear was each other’s passion for what they wanted to accomplish.  Well done and enjoy your victory – Gotts

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