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Plus:  This local restaurant will give away Thanksgiving Meals

Seastreak is officially taking over New York to Middletown service from New York Waterway on December 5th.  The company and Monmouth County officials announced the early December start time for those who use the ferry at Belford Ferry Terminal.  The carrier will offer six morning departures from Belford to New York City and seven boats back from New York City in the afternoon.  A shuttle bus service will also run between Belford and its Highland and Atlantic Highlands terminals.

An investigation by local, county, and federal law enforcement that lasted months led to the arrests of 16 people along with the seizure of 39-thousand doses of heroin mixed with fentanyl.  Investigators say the probe targeted possession and distribution of guns and drugs on South Florida Avenue.  Guns and 86 grand was confiscated as well.

Owners and operators of McDonald’s restaurants in the Garden State are donating to local food banks.  Twenty-thousand dollars will help people from going hungry.  Two large organizations, called ‘Fulfill’ and the ‘Community FoodBank of NJ,’ received the money.

The U.S. Postal Service is seeking 500 workers in New Jersey, as part of processes to speed up delivery times this holiday season.  In addition, new package sorting machines will be in place.  To apply online, head over to

If you’re in need of a Thanksgiving meal this year, try Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park for a free take out Thanksgiving dinner.  Tomorrow, 11am to 1pm.   Hats, gloves and scarves for adults and children will be available as well.

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