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Here’s today’s No Sweat News Quiz!

It’s always fun offering up a cool prize on the Morning Rat Race’s “No Sweat News Quiz”.

We’re stocked with lots of concert tickets and LOT of crazy news stories so the combo makes for a lot of fun for everyone… Well, everyone except Monty (whose girlfriend was on the No Sweat News Quiz and promised to take him to the concert – but she got the answer wrong and poor Monty got shut out).

So… in case you’ve always wanted to take the quiz but couldn’t get through…

Here’s today:  Can you spot the phony story out of these four:

Dateline, the Bonus Finder website has an offer for soccer fans tuning into the World Cup:  one person can earn $500 and enjoy 32 beers from around the world while watching the games.  Fans just enter on their website and wait for the call.  The beers represent each of the teams in the World Cup this year.  Moral of the story?  I love watching some soccer but some people I know; they only way they’d watch it is if you pay them.

That’s story number 1, now known as:  hey, free booze never hurts.


Dateline, Canada.  John Tiano is our idiot criminal of the week.  John got busted robbing his third bank in one day on Monday.  First one just before 10am, the second just after 10am and the third at about noon.  But, cops had already put the word out and had police near most banks in town by time the third one happened so that’s how he got busted.  Moral of the story?  We’re on strict two bank robberies a day limit, any more than that and they’ll get you.

That’s story number 2, now known as:  What he stop for lunch?


And our 3rd story for today’s No Sweat News Quiz:  Dateline, Australia.

Reproductive researchers have announced a breakthrough in male contraception.  They’re studying an injectable gel that goes directly into a man’s family jewels.  The gel blocks the transmission of the swimmers to the – ahem – launching pad.  Hundreds of men applied to be part of the survey which means hundreds of men would rather take a needle to their junk than have unplanned kids.  Moral of the story?  Well, now that you put it that way…

That’s story number one, now known as:  Of course, it doesn’t prevent STD’ like chlamydia, VD or Gotts-areah.


And our 4th and final story for today’s No Sweat News Quiz:  Dateline, New Mexico. Results of the mid-term elections continue to roll in and the small town of Pueblo just re-elected it’s mayor, Rex Masterson.  Only problem is Rex is in jail; he’s doing 2 years for embezzling funds from a local union pension fund.  Most people in town didn’t seem to care – and just want him to pick up being mayor after he serves his time.  Moral of the story?  How’d you like to be the loser in that election, lost to a guy in jail for embezzlement?

That’s story number 4, now known as:  Politicians and criminals, how do you tell them apart?

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