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Plus:  Neptune Police De-escalate With No Injuries

A guy from Wall Township just got sentenced to house arrest for raiding a union pension fund to the tune of 140 thousand bucks.  Seventy-two-year-old Wall resident George Laudenberg stole the dough from the Northeast Carpenters Pension Fund.  Laudenberg gets house arrest, 20 grand in fines and probation.  The US Attorney says he tried to hide it as deferred compensation, but it was really just stealing.

A good job by Neptune police to de-escalate an issue with someone who barricaded themselves inside a home.  Happened yesterday afternoon on Atkins Avenue.  A suspect was taken into custody by 11 p.m. with no serious injuries to civilians or law enforcement.

Governor Murphy is pressing pause on plans to eliminate mental health counseling in dozens of New Jersey schools. The governor told News 12 New Jersey that his administration will fund the programs that currently exist but also plans to cast a wider net when it comes to addressing mental health post-pandemic. Murphy backpedaled plans to get rid of mental health counseling in 90 schools after facing backlash from advocates for School-Based Youth Services.

Tragic news for a New Jersey young man from Manahawkin who was apparently crushed along with recycling after he climbed into a dumpster near Kutztown, Pennsylvania.  Eventually identified as Kellen Bischoff, surveillance video sees him climb into a dumpster after leaving a campus party at Kutztown University.  He was later found amongst compacted recyclables at a recycling center.

A weekly look at COVID numbers in the state:  1366 new cases ID’d by PCR test and another 637 by rapid test.  Hospitalizations for COVID are very low, under 100 patients in state hospital beds currently.

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