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If you’re someone who can pass for a high school teen in a messed up world and you’re an aspiring actor, then this may be your lucky break.

An Amazon pilot is getting set to film in New Jersey in the Spring of 2023. The hunt is on for a unique cast of characters who are down with getting naked. Yes, you read that right, nudity is required.

5th House casting is on the hunt to fill 6 roles for actors who are between the ages of 18 and 20 to play teenagers. The description of the pilot reads:  This is a story of a group of messed up kids who, after an accident involving an intergalactic fight between good and evil, get superpowers while having to grapple with high school, hormones, love, and the joys and cost of what it means to burn brightly…especially when you’re sixteen.

 The six 18 through 20-year-olds should also all be able to play 15 or 16-year-olds and LGBTQ+ actors “are strongly encouraged to submit.”

The four males needed are described as: Black, bisexual. Boy, reserved with a wild side. Frank is kind, smart, funny, able to get along with almost anybody, and deeply musical. New in town from LA and a drummer in a popular west coast band, he’s naturally a little cooler and seemingly more at ease with himself than his new classmates. This is his fresh start and he’s determined to stay out of trouble but while having a practical and solid side to him, his Achilles heel is gravitating towards misfits and damaged ones.”

“White, gay boy, too handsome for his own good. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. He’s electrifying, hilarious and almost too charming when he’s in a good mood but when he’s dark, he’s volatile and can be violent outside of his control. Viewed with a wariness from the rest of his classmates, River finds a powerful, life changing connection with Newcomer Frank, first bonding over their love and extensive knowledge of music.”

“Open race/ethnicity. Boy, the kind of guy who gets along with everyone. A little goofy, he spends his days covertly dealing drugs from his van (named ‘Fran’) which he also happens to live in. He tries to make his living situation look cool rather than a source of pain from the chaos of his household. Somewhat of a conspiracy theorist, Kurt feels he was born in the wrong galaxy.

“15 years old, Jewish. Boy, sweet faced and self-aware who always carries emergency Pepto Bismol with him as needed. He’s funny, deeply endearing, wildly neurotic & both too young and too old simultaneously. He doesn’t totally understand why cool LA kid Frank is hanging out with him, but he revels in having a friend who isn’t the school nurse or his League of Lemanthoria (a multi-player video game) team in Mumbai. He humbly understands he’s not cool and probably never will be. His hidden anger and desperation to fit in reveals a darker side to him.”

School Of Mime

1955: A class of drama students watching a demonstration at a French school of mime. (Photo by Michel Brodsky/BIPs/Getty Images)

The females needed are described as: “BIPOC. Girl, the unstable life of the party. She’s fun, charming, does drugs and pushes boundaries, yet her time with Frank exposes an immense depth usually overlooked due to her behavior.”

“Open race/ethnicity. Girl, Jan is a chubby, funny, empathic, and “too smart for her own good.” A classic wise ass who hides real vulnerability with help from a mountain of drugs. She’s the kind of girl who is always high, but you’d never know. She’s very close with Tess and has a fierce loyalty to her friends and family, stepping up in crises and acting as a fixer”

Please Sir

16th October 1970: John Alderton plays Mr Hedges in the London Weekend Television series ‘Please Sir’. His pupils include Peter Denyer and Joan Sanderson. (Photo by Paul Fievez/BIPs/Getty Images)

Your chance to be cast ends on December 18, 2022. Filming is set for March 15,2023 through April 15,2023. Your salary will confirmed at the time of casting.  The casting call doesn’t mention a specific location in New Jersey.  To apply, click here:Untitled One-Hour Pilot Casting Call | Amazon – TV / Series Auditions | Backstage