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Semper Fidelis!

In 1775, the Corps was born out of a Philadelphia tavern during the American Revolutionary War.

For those who have earned the title of Marine, Nov. 10 is celebrated as if it was their own birthday, serving as a “yearly reminder of the brave spirit that has compelled young men and women to defend our nation and its interests for more than two centuries, according to

The WRAT salutes these fine men and women! We’ve heard from Marines over the years serving in various parts of the world via email, social media, and even through long distance phone calls.

Dennis Addesso from Toms River, a former Seargeant in the U.S. Marine Corp. has been listening to the WRAT since he was just a kid. In fact, when Dennis was a teenager, he used to call my radio show using a character voice under the moniker, “Billy Joe Tom Cat Jones.” I always loved hearing from Dennis, because he never failed to crack me up. I’m happy to know that Dennis is thriving and has grown into a strong dedicated patriot who served our country . Thank you for your service Dennis. I need more folks like Dennis in my life.

Currently, Dennis is the President of an organization called, Ma Deuce Deuce, whose motto is, “No Veteran Left Behind.”  According to,  Ma Deuce Deuce’s goal :  “We are aiming to end the 22 a day daily veteran suicide epidemic through engaging veterans and making them aware of the many areas of restoration there is out there. God Bless Dennis and those involved in the organization.

I salute the United States Marine Corps on their 247th birthday. Thank you all for your service to our great country.

89th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade Supporting Marine Toys For Tots

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 28: United States Marines attend the 89th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade supporting Marine Toys For Tots on November 28, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


Happy 247th Birthday To The United States Marine Corps