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So let’s see, number one in Pork Roll, Mobsters, Tomatoes, Taxes, and now Haunted Houses! YES! NO! Well yes, it’s true… If you believe in haunted houses. Not the one’s spooked up for Halloween or at the amusement park. No, I mean actual paranormal activity. Yeah, Amityville Horror stuff. We are tops! Wait, is this for real?

Yes, it’s real in the sense that there was a study done by Homeadvisor.com that showed New Jersey was number one on the list. How? Well, Home Advisor used the help of a company called House Creep…yeah I know, to help them calculate the number of reported “creepy” houses and “haunted” homes in each state, using Zillow and Redfin reviews. Then, after a much-heated debate, they determined the difference between a “haunted” house and a “creepy” house. Haunted houses would be based on the number of homes with previous deaths, homicides, and paranormal reports. Creepy houses would be based on the number of homes with crime, damage, drug, and sketchy reports.

In the end, the great Garden State came out on top with a 30.2 percent probability of buying a haunted home. The second was Ohio, followed by New York, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Oh, and the state with the least haunted homes? Idaho, with only a 3.5 percent chance of buying a haunted home.

The reason Jersey is so high on the list could be the following, according to Home Advisor, “New Jersey comes in first place as the most haunted state in America with just over a 30% probability of moving right into a haunting. This may not surprise some, considering New Jersey is also one of the smallest states on the east coast. It’s also a state rife with spooky attractions, like the empty and eerie Basto Village, a 251-year-old ghost town abandoned when people discovered coal in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania”.

So next time you want to sell your house here, you may want to do a little digging first…if you know what I mean. BOO!

Graphic showing the top 5 U.S. states for haunted homes.

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