BAM!   Oh, it’s on, baby!   This Saturday, October 8th, “East Side” Dave McDonald of the Morning Rat Race, will be managing against former WWE superstar Gillberg at the IWF wrestling event!   And YOU can be there!   Get tix at!

Davey Mac has had a bitter feud with Gillberg for YEARS…going back to Dave’s 2019 match against Gillberg in which Dave was first punched in the face and then speared by the pro wrestler!

Of course, Dave claims that Gillberg cheated (the video shows no such evidence).   Regardless…this wrestling rivalry is as vicious as it gets!

Dave will be managing five-star athlete “Handsome” Robert Atkins and Gillberg will be in the corner for the Dark Oracle Sage as the two prepare to do battle for the IWF World Heavyweight Championship!

Check out the videos of Dave’s promo and Dave Vs. Gillberg and get ready to rumble!   Go to for tickets!


IWF Poster for this Saturday’s event





Dave’s Promo Against Gillberg




Dave Vs. Gillberg (2019)



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