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Also:  DWI Checkpoint in the Bayshore region tonight and New Jersey to send help to Florida in aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

The Monmouth County DWI Task Force is announcing a DWI checkpoint will be in place on Route 36 in Union Beach starting on Friday.  Starting at 10 tonight, 36 Westbound will be diverted at Seagate Avenue.  So, heads up on that.  This next one is odd.

A New York City man – who admits to being a compulsive gambler – is suing the Borgata, MGM Resorts International and its on-line partner Entain after alleging he was paid to not report issues to gambling regulators.  Sam Antar of New York claims the companies paid him bonuses of upwards of 30-thousand-dollars a month to entice him to play and not report the problems.  The suit claims that he was repeatedly disconnected when he had winning hands and the disconnection would wipe them out.  He claims he gambled 29 million dollars over a 9 month period and that he was paid bonuses to not report the technical issues.  The filing accuses the defendants of fraud, racketeering and other violations.  Antar is facing possible prison time for defrauding family members to support his gambling addiction and, to make matters even odder, is the nephew of Eddie Antar, otherwise known as Crazy Eddie (whose prices were insane!)

Prosecutors are adding additional manslaughter charges to the man they say is responsible for two deaths in a car accident during a non-sanctioned car rally in Wildwood last weekend. Gerald White faces eight additional counts of aggravated manslaughter and aggravated assault.

Monmouth County beaches did good business this season.  Beach revenues were up 7% over 2021.  29 million bucks in beach badges sold in Monmouth County.  Ocean county numbers not in yet.

Governor Murphy says the New Jersey National Guard will join a growing national response to help those in Florida affected by Hurricane Ian.  The governor says roughly 135 Guard members will head to western Florida, including upwards of 40 military and support vehicles. Early estimates say Hurricane Ian may have done up to 32-billion dollars in damages, if so it would be the costliest storm to hit Florida in three decades.  Ian’s eye is currently over the Atlantic, the storm is gaining strength – back to a category 1 hurricane – with a path expected to make landfall again in Georgia or South Carolina.

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