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OK, Internet.  You decide:  Is this cool or not?

The Uber driver said, “This is my car.  If I don’t like what you’re doing inside MY car then I don’t have to drop you off anywhere.”

A no-nonsense Uber driver in Dallas posted a TikTok after she realized a passenger was cheating on his wife . . . and decided to EXPOSE him for it. She turned her Uber around and dropped the dude off right at home… with the mistress!

Her first name is Roni.  Late last week, she picked a guy up at his house and watched his wife and kids see him off.  Then once he was in the car, he asked her to make an extra stop.

It turned out he was picking up his MISTRESS to take her on a trip.  And the two of them kept badmouthing the wife in the back of the car.

So without telling them, Roni changed her route . . . backtracked five miles . . . went back to the guy’s HOUSE . . . and dropped them off in his front yard.

She kicked him and his mistress out, and left them there with all their luggage.

Check out the video she posted.  It’s got some f-bombs so it might not be safe for work.

She drove off after that, so she doesn’t know for sure if he got caught.  But she warned other cheaters she’ll do the exact same thing if it ever happens again.

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