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Also:  Former Governor Florio passed away.

Former Democratic New Jersey Governor Jim Florio died Sunday at the age of 85.  The cause of death has not been released.  Florio, who made three unsuccessful runs before winning in 1989, became the first Italian American to serve as New Jersey Governor.  Florio lost his reelection bid in 1993 to Christine Todd Whitman, who said of the former Governor, “he was an American patriot who put principles first.”

Looks like the repairs on Old Barny are nearing completion.  The scaffolding around the Barnegat Lighthouse is coming down.  The move signals the roughly one-point-three-million-dollar project is almost finished.  In addition to shoring up the brick exterior, replacing windows and repairing steel platforms, a new beacon is set to be installed.  No exact reopening date has been named, just sometime in October.

Follow up on the deadly car rally in Wildwood over the weekend.  Gerald White is charged with crimes related to the death, cops say he was fleeing another accident when he caused the crash that caused the deaths.  Prosecutors are still investigating.

Rutgers University is lifting its mask mandate weeks after the start of the semester. Starting this weekend, students can take off their masks on campus but they’ll have to be vaccinated and boosted against COVID. Those who received medical or religious exemptions will have to test once a week. Rutgers is one of the few major colleges that required mask wearing at the beginning of the year.

The state says only 797 new positive tests yesterday, but that could be a reporting issue due to the Jewish holiday break.

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