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Butter boards? What the heck is a butter board? Basically, they are a variety of compound butters spread on a cutting board.

Think of a charcuterie board created without the meats, cheeses, and fruits, using only creative versions of butter served with an array of different breads and muffins.

I love this idea. In fact I have created many different compound butters over the last couple of decades and served them at dinner parties and gatherings where they received lots of “ooos, ahhs” and requests for the recipes. One of the first meals I made for Bruce was accompanied by freshly baked multi-grain herb bread with fresh herb compound butter.

I’ve created roasted garlic butter, lemon dill, sugar cinnamon butter, bacon brown sugar butter, a bunch of different herbed butters, spice butters, and a gazillion other concoctions.

It’s so easy, even Gotts can do it. Simply take a stick of butter, let hang outside the fridge until it’s soft. Not too soft, just soft enough to mix in other ingredients.  The sky is really the limit here.

 If you love fruit, then create your own version of a fruit butter using dried fruit and a touch of honey. Think dried cranberry butter with a hint of honey.


Different salts come into play as well. I have used Fleur De Sel which is a French finishing salt that I sprinkle on the compound butters that aren’t heavy on salted ingredients such as nuts. There are herbed salts, smoked salts, Himalayan Pink Salt, the list is endless. Don’t get caught up in the salt aspect of creating a compound butter, I’m just rambling at this point.

Compound butter isn’t just for bread. Plenty of chefs top steaks with compound butter in fancy restaurants. Now you can do it at home for a fraction of the cost.


I read an article in USA Today about a Brooklyn-based cook named Justine Doiron who posted on Instagram on September 15 claiming she wants to make butter boards the next charcuterie board.  Her Instagram reel had more than 8 million views and nearly 180,000 likes by Monday afternoon.

In the article, Doiron gives props to the idea’s original creator Joshua McFadden.


McFadden took to his own Instagram to thank Doiron for sharing and to discuss the trend — which is something he’s been doing for years.


What do you think? Will butter boards take off, or is it just another short lived fad? I hope it lives forever.