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Debut Solo Album Coming October 14!

Jack Skuller is back with brand new material. “Draw The Lucky Card” will be released on October 14.  While Skuller’s catalog dates back to when he was 14 and includes material from his band The Skullers, this will be his first-ever solo album.  “Draw The Lucky Card” features 10 tracks that were written during the pandemic and recorded in the Poconos.  It was produced by Don DiLego and includes the tune “Watercolor Rain,” which made its Jersey Rock premiere earlier this year.

The upcoming album also includes the song “Give Yourself A Chance,” the video for which features a fun take on the classic fortune-telling Zoltar machine.  Skuller tapped impressionist Robert Nash to appear in the video as  “The Living Zultar.”  He said of the choice:

For a song about taking a leap – with notes of encouragement and romance – I wanted to create a music video about fortune. Luckily I came across Robert Nash’s “Living Zultar” recently while on tour. He does a fantastic job and you can see in the video that people are amazed and hypnotized by him. I also thought it would be visually interesting to play off of the dichotomy between Robert and an actual Zoltar machine [on Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Pt. Pleasant, NJ], sparking the question: who gives the fortune teller a chance?”

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Check out the video for “Give Yourself A Chance”!