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Plus:  Could use fees be coming to Wharton State Forest?

Expect to pay more to park at local airports as new parking rates are in effect.  The new maximum rate at JFK ranges from 60-to-70-dollars.  At LaGuardia, maximum prices range from 55-to-70-dollars, while parking at Newark will cost between 40-and-65-dollars.  Much less but still prices at Newark Liberty.  With prebooking online the 29 dollar rate drops to 21 bucks a day.  So, you go away for a week and parking is 147 bucks.

It may soon be state law for retailers to explicitly tell you when they’re charging a credit card surcharge.  Nowadays they don’t have to tell you but Assemblyman Paul Moriarty says his proposed legislation would require it and cap the fees.  Credit card companies charge retailers a fee, some will pass that onto the buyer.

Could use permits or licenses be coming to Wharton State Forest?  There’s over 500 miles of sandy roads back there.  It’s management costs the state, now there’s a possible plan to require use permits, like Island Beach State Park.   State officials and local residents are eyeing options for more access and infrastructure for 125 thousand acre state forest in Hammonton.

No one injured after an emergency evac at a restaurant on LBI.  The Daymark restaurant, Broadway and 4th was hosting a wedding upstairs when the ceiling began collapsing downstairs.  Owners and patrons acted fast enough to prevent injuries.  No word on repairs yet, but the season may have ended prematurely.

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