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 I have the need for a handful of professionals to do work on both the inside and outside of my home. How do I go about finding the right people for the jobs? Do I check Angie’s List or some other reference site to get truthful reviews? I don’t want to go to a site that requires a business to pay them for publishing their reviews. Too many scammers and liars.

I see a lot of people sharing reviews on message boards like “Next Door Neighbor.” They seem a little more trustworthy because the site can be accessed by locals who have had work done on their homes and yards and the reviews appear to be voluntary. Most of the time, it’s easy to verify whether the reviews are real or not.

I’m going to need a handful of professionals just as Spring of 2023 arrives. I need a complete landscaping overhaul. Big areas of my lawn are sand on top of soil. It was like that when I moved in. Also, no matter how many times I spray and pull weeds, they keep coming back, and I’ll need a shrubbery overhaul as well.

 I don’t need my home to look perfect, I need it to look like I care. I do care, but my husband and I are just not good at this sort of thing. I would love some Knock Out Rose bushes and I can certainly shop for those, planting them is another story.

As far as the inside goes, I need some moulding replaced because my cat believes that the moulding in our living room is his own personal scratching paradise. We have a kitty condo complete with several scratching posts that he refuses to use for their intended use.

Some of the boards on our Pergo floor need to be replaced. We have a box of boards in the garage, but have no idea how to do the job. There are a few other minor jobs that need to be done as well.

We’re just not handy people. We did however build a bookcase ourselves much to the disbelief of our friends. I had to show photographic evidence to our close friends Carol and Vinny to prove we did it ourselves because they know all too well that we don’t have the “Handyman gene.”

What is the best way to get home repair referrals?