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389769 01: (FILE PHOTO) A car sports a bumper sticker that strongly suggests other drivers should concentrate on their driving instead of talking on cell phones May 24, 2001 in San Diego, CA. New York Governor George Pataki signed a bill June 28, 2001 banning drivers in New York State from using hand held cell phones. (Photo by Tom Keck/Getty Images)

I know a ton of people who would qualify to be part of this study!

The website is looking for one angry driver to take part in a study examining road rage, and they’ll be paid $4,000 for their time.

Since there’s only one position available, you’ll have to be aggressive, confrontational, and reckless at pursuing the opportunity.  I seriously doubt that anyone from Jersey will have a problem with that!  I see that sort of behavior in New Jersey all the time!  LOL!

Here’s how this study will work:  The chosen road rager will be asked to take part in three, two-hour driving sessions per week over a month-long period.  They’ll be put in various scenarios through a driving simulator, and their reactions will be monitored, alongside their heart rate and blood pressure.

I’m not 100% sure what they’re hoping to learn from my blood pressure going through the roof when some idiot is going 54 miles per hour in the left lane on the Garden State Parkway but I’ll be happy to earn four thousand bucks to give them a chance to learn whatever they can.

The person will also be required to keep a road rage DIARY.  (“Dear Diary, today some dumb mother f’r sat at a green light for 7 full seconds after the light turned from green to red.  I nearly got out of my car and tapped on their drivers side window to tell them to PUT DOWN THEIR DAMN PHONE and pay attention to the traffic light! Instead of getting out of my car, I just leaned on my horn until that idiot looked up!)

You can apply on their website through October 31st.   You must be 25 . . . have at least one year of driving experience . . . and you’ll have to provide examples of your road rage experiences.

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