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Also:  Will Online Gambling Continue In New Jersey?

A Toms River man is facing charges for his alleged involvement in last year’s Capitol riot.  News Twelve reports 59-year-old Salvatore Vassallo stands accused of illegally entering the building, bypassing a railing, and joining in a mob against police officers, pushing one with force.  He faces two felony charges, five misdemeanors, and future proceedings in Washington, D.C.  An anonymous tip allegedly ID’d Vassallo in a picture taken that day at the Capitol building.

Will online casino gambling continue in New Jersey? I mean, how do you put that horse back in the stable.  Lawmakers are making moves to extend online gambling through 2033.  A state assembly committee held a hearing Thursday to consider an extension.  Since New Jersey launched internet casino games in 2013, casinos have won upwards of five billion dollars from online gamblers.  That doesn’t include sports gambling.

Good news for some veterans with severe disabilities.  New Jersey is more than doubling its payments for veterans with select disabilities. Annual payments will go from 750 dollars to 18-hundred dollars, due to inflation and the rise in the cost of living. Funding for the increase was part of the Governor Murphy’s recently passed budget. It will help veterans across the state who deal with loss of sight, amputations, or permanent paralysis.

Recent rainfall helped, but all areas of the Jersey Shore are still in drought conditions.  7 million state residents are in drought conditions, out of 9 million, including 62% of Ocean county residents.  The Manasquan reservoir is many feet under normal levels.

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