Robyn Lane

Weekdays 10am - 3pm

I love to shop in locally owned businesses. Keeping money in the pockets of local business owners is important to keep our economy going, especially after the pandemic. I’m not going to say that I don’t occasionally shop in corporate establishments because if Boscov’s is having a sale on V-neck undershirts and I have a coupon, I’m making the purchase for my hubby.

It’s been awhile since I’ve shopped in Asbury Park thanks to the pandemic. It’s actually one of my favorite towns for unusual finds.  For instance, I had gone to the Showroom movie house on Cookman Avenue several years ago and a door or two down  was this darling little shop called “Heaven Gallery” at 721 Cookman Ave, run by a very interesting man named Malcolm. If I remember correctly, Malcolm is from South Africa and he is filled with passion, knowledge, and a whole lot of of charm. I can’t tell you how many unique pieces of jewelry I’ve purchased from him.

In addition to jewelry, his shop has clothing, accessories, home decor items, and an art gallery which is housed on the second floor where art exhibitions are held mostly by local artists.

Malcolm is a world traveler, and in his travels he picks up a lot of these unique items which is why you’ll never see anything like them in any other boutique or shop.

Every time I have been in his shop I overhear other patron’s conversations and it’s always about how beautiful and unique this store is. I say that every time I walk in the door. You can’t help but be filled with positivity and joy when Malcolm greets you and shows you his latest finds from his travels around the globe.

I can never just purchase one necklace or scarf. If I don’t buy the items that catch my eye right away, I’ll regret it. I will also regret telling you about Heaven Gallery because it it Asbury Park’s best kept secret, but I do want you to meet Malcolm and give him your business. I am so thrilled to find that his shop is still open after so many local businesses had to close their doors in the last two years.

Malcolm, you will see me again soon. Oh, and please save that butterfly necklace for me.