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ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA - AUGUST 25: Brent Smith of Shinedown performs live for SiriusXM's Small Stage Series presented by American Express at The Orange Peel on August 25, 2022 in Asheville, North Carolina. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Shinedown invades the PNC Bank Arts Center, for Ratfest 2022, this Saturday September 10th. Of course like most fans of these awesome Florida boys, I have been waiting all Summer for this show! So much so that I have recently been checking out the set lists from previous shows on the tour.

I have to admit, while it’s a strong lineup of Shinedown hits, there have been a few glaring omissions here and there, and I honestly don’t want that happing at our biggest concert event of the year! Call me old school, but when I was being taught radio in school, professor Tesla told me two things I never forgot, never take your shoes off in the studio in mixed company, and always, ALWAYS, play the hits!

However, there are just some songs that I love that Shinedown has not been playing! So with the help of Jackie The Promo Rat, I have come up with what I think is the perfect Shinedown set list for the Dirty Jerz. It’s mostly the same set list I picked from, but with a few slight but important changes. One of those changes includes perhaps the everyone’s favorite Shinedown song added, in If You Only Knew, and a classic Jersey Band cover song thrown in too, with Brent Smith’s flair for the dramatic being very much considered.

Shinedown Setlist from 9/5 show


I don’t expect or even hope for everyone to agree with my changes here, and quite frankly I just know the boys will put on a top flight show, no matter what songs they do choose to play…But man it would be awesome if we could get this to go viral and maybe just mabye, swing even one song choice in our favor! Well who knows, but we can sure and hell try! So with that said, enjoy the amended set list we came up with, oh and enjoy the show!



Wratfest Shinedown Wishlist Setlist