Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook

The families of Monmouth County 9/11 victims are invited to participate in the September 11 Memorial Ceremony in Atlantic Highlands at the Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook.

The 9/11 Memorial at Mount Mitchill is a tribute to the victims, heroes, and the 147 people that were lost from Monmouth County during the tragic events on September 1, 2001.

“The Board of County Commissioners would like to invite the families of those who lost their lives during this tragedy to not only attend, but to participate in the County’s memorial ceremony,” said Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone in a press release. “It is our responsibility to continue to remember those who lost loved ones and to honor the memory of those who perished.”

Those interested in participating in the Monmouth County September 11 Memorial Ceremony are asked to email Lauren Bumbera or Danielle Banyacski by Friday, September 2.

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GALLERY: National September 11 Memorial & Museum- NYC