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On Monday August 8th, I added a post to the WRAT Facebook Fan Page sharing my love of my cat, Oscar Wilde, on what was “International Cat Day.”

 My post read:  “Today is International Cat Day! The best way to celebrate is to adopt a cat in need of a loving home from a local shelter or a rescue facility. Here’s my baby puddy cat Oscar Wilde enjoying his kitty condo.”  The post was accompanied by a photo of my sweet little kitty chilling out in his kitty condo.

 Lots of listeners and animal lovers from all over New Jersey and beyond shared photos of their fur babies, most of whom were adopted from rescue facilities. If you’re looking to adopt a new furry family member, now’s a good time.

 Ocean County shelters and animal facilities are always trying to find homes for animals that need your love. In fact, they’re actually trying to empty the shelters by offering half price adoption fees and goodie bags to potential new families.

For a few select days at the end of August, Ocean County animal facilities are participating in the annual “Clear The Shelters” national pet adoption event.

In an article originally printed in the Brick Patch, Ocean County Commissioner Gary Quinn, liaison to the Ocean County Board of Health said, “Every summer we appreciate all the residents and visitors from all around the area that make it a point to visit our facilities and search for the perfect pet for their home and family.”

Despite the pandemic, Ocean County Shelters did very well in 2021. The Ocean County Health Department added, shelters were able to find loving homes for 114 cats and dogs.

From August 27th through August 31st, the Ocean County Animal Facilities will reduce adoption fees to half off on all pets. Plus, every person that adopts a pet will also receive a free goodie bag filled with treats and toys.International Cat Day

If you decide to participate, please drop me a note at:, or find me on the WRAT Facebook Fan Page here:, along with a photo of your new furry family member so I can show you some love.