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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 08: Rage Against the Machine perform at Madison Square Garden on August 08, 2022 in New York City.

Rage Against The Machine opened their 5-night residency at New York’s Madison Square Garden last night to a sold-out bat sh*t crazy crowd. So who do you think was right in the middle of all the aggro rock mayhem?? That’s right! Your boy Gotts!

I’m told the opening act, Run The Jewels was awesome. From there it was Rage Against The Machine, doing what they do best! Bringing the house down! From the opening songs,  “Bombtrack”, and “People Of the Sun”, to hits like “Bulls On Parade”, “Guerrilla Radio”, and “Sleep Now In the Fire”, to the much anticipated Bruce Springsteen cover “The Ghost Of Tom Joad, the band, and specifically other worldly guitar virtuoso, Tom Morello, were on fire!

The excitement and madness built right through the closing numbers, “Freedom, and Township Rebellion. Then came the encores. Once everyone knew was coming, the other? Well not so much, but very appreciated. Of course, the first encore song, Killing In The Name, sent Gotts and the other nearly twenty thousand screaming, mostly male crowd, over the top! How then, not to send them out onto 33rd street in Manhattan and not start flipping Ubers? Well, you calm them down, mellow them out, and make them feel just a little bit better about this old blue and green spinning ball, by performing the Bobby Mcferrin classic, Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Yes, my friends, that happened. Today I noticed a tired, but a little bit happier Gotts, as he got off the Morning Rat Race mic.

Maybe that cover really did something to him. Or, maybe it was finally being back in the City, seeing a twice canceled show, due to the pandemic. Or perhaps…It was the 14 Miller Lites he had on the train ride up. Either way, Gotts had a great time night one, and we hope you have an even greater time if you go to any of the 4 remaining sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden, this week. Here’s some video shot by Gotts to rock out to!

Rage Against the Machine: Highlights/Setlist from Reunion Tour Kickoff

Rage Against the Machine finally kicked off their highly anticipated (and delayed by two years because of the pandemic) reunion tour over the weekend in East Troy, Wis.

The show was the band’s first performance together in 11 years and boasted a tight 16-song setlist, which can be viewed below.

Rolling Stone noted, “At no point during the show did any member of the group address the crowd or their long absence from the stage, though Morello, who can still make his guitar sound like everything from a siren to a turntable, wore an ‘I Love CRT’ shirt during the final few songs, and ‘Abort the Supreme Court’ appeared on the screen.”

Fan-shot video from the show can also be viewed below.

  • Setlist (Per Setlist.fm)

    1. “Bombtrack”
    2. “People of the Sun”
    3. “Bulls on Parade”
    4. “Bullet in the Head”
    5. “Testify” (with “Revolver” intro)
    6. “Tire Me” (First time live since 2008)
    7. “Wake Up”
    8. “Guerrilla Radio”
    9. “Without a Face” (First time live since 2008)
    10. “Know Your Enemy”
    11. “Calm Like a Bomb”
    12. “Sleep Now in the Fire”
    13. “War Within a Breath” (First time live since 2008)
    14. “The Ghost of Tom Joad” (Bruce Springsteen cover) (First time live since July 23, 2000)
    15. “Freedom” (with Township Rebellion outro)
    16. “Killing in the Name”

  • 'Bulls on Parade'

  • 'Bombtrack'

  • 'Know Your Enemy'

  • 'The Ghost of Tom Joad'