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I went with the Family to Monmouth Park Race Track in beautiful Oceanport this past Sunday. It was, as you may recall, swelteringly hot, but my daughter is going back to college later this week and she always likes to see the horsies run at least once in the summer. This year we did a little something different. We grabbed one of the many picnic tables along the track in the BYOB picnic section of  Monmouth Park. Doing this made me realize a few things for the very first time. First off, the picnic area has its own entrance for a reason. If you are bringing a cooler in, you have to go through the picnic entrance, and once in, you cannot leave the picnic area with a beer in your hand. They keep the grandstand for the “paying customers” when it comes to alcohol. I get it. The next thing is,  wow, there are a hell of a lot of those green and white striped umbrellas! I never realized just how many there were! We grabbed an umbrella’d table toward the north end of the picnic area, just off the walkway but near the final turn so that was pretty cool once the races started. Speaking of cool, what I found very cool and refreshing was special race day deals they had. We didn’t actually bring a picnic lunch just a small cooler with waters. We planned on grabbing lunch at Monmouth Park. It was a pleasant surprise to find out they were selling 2 dollar hot dogs and 4 dollar 16 ounce drafts of Michelob Ultra and Landshark. In this inflation, that’s a good deal for a Sunday Funday! We got there early, like over an hour before the first race,  so we only needed to stay through the first 4 races to get our fill. All in all it was a decent day despite the heat! I lost a total of $20 through the first 3 races, then won $22 on a long shot in the 4th! Even Steven…err Jimmy.