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Drought conditions nearing, car theft crackdown and DUNDER CON!

The drought in New Jersey is growing worse as the hot weather continues, with several local counties suffering from moderate drought, just one level away from severe drought.  Moderate drought conditions are confirmed in the counties of Monmouth, Somerset, Middlesex and Union.  Rain totals for the Garden State remained well below average for this time of year.  The most severe shortage was in Middlesex County, where only one-point-two inches fell, compared with the average of almost five inches.  Heat advisories remain in effect for most of New Jersey until eight o-clock tonight.

Water restrictions are in effect in Monmouth and Ocean, odd / even day system for landscape watering.

New Jersey legislators want to crack down on car thefts by toughening penalties for the crime.  Car thefts in Jersey are up 37-percent so far this year, which is on track to double last year’s number. Under the proposal, ring leaders would face double the jail time while the teens they work with would receive steeper punishments, like community service or doing time at a youth detention center.

State agriculture officials say the spotted lanternfly — the invasive species that’s harmful to plant life — is making inroads on beaches along the Jersey Shore.  The pest has reportedly been seen on beaches in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  It cannot fly very far but it’s considered an excellent hitchhiker and can latch on to almost anything that enables it to move around.  State officials ask people to check their vehicles before leaving an area to make sure they’re not bringing along any lanternflies.  And if someone does spot a lanternfly, it’s no longer necessary to report it — just kill it.

Fans of TV’s “The Office” will get a chance to meet cast members of the show this weekend at Dunder Con in New Jersey.  Yes, the first-ever Dunder Con is being held in Secaucus on Saturday and Sunday.  Fans attending will be able to get autographs and take selfies with their favorite paper-company employees. Over 20 cast members will be on hand, including Brian Baumgartner who played Kevin Malone and actress Kate Flannery who played Meredith Palmer.

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