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Story 1:  Did an Ohio woman get the first known audio recording of Big Foot?  Some Sasquachians seem to think so.

Suzanne Ferencak is a Big Foot enthusiast who claims she actually saw the big fella crossing a road in 2013.  Now she says she’s got audio of his howling call off in the woods near where she lives between Cleveland and Columbus.

Sadly, a group of wild life experts say the audio is very likely a alpha male coyote, not the elusive missing link between man and ape.

Story 2:  A woman claims in a video post that she and a number of other people got stuck for over an hour a ride at the theme park.

It wasn’t just a ride though.  It wasn’t the roller coaster or tea cups.  They got stuck on the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disney World.


Imagine being forced to listen to “It’s A Small World” over and over again.  That’s the kind of thing  that would drive a dictator out of his hiding place.  Didn’t we do that to Manuel Noriega to get him out of Panama back in the day?

Story number 3:  There’s supply chain issue that’s having a not-so-good effect on local breweries:  There’s a carbon dioxide shortage.

Carbon dioxide is commonly used to “force carbonate” beer instead of doing it the natural way which is not as precise a method.  The natural way takes longer too.  (Honestly, it’s not just beer. Soda uses carbon dioxide too, almost anything with bubbles except for champange.)

We’ve been through toilet paper shortages, bacon shortages, even beach chair shortages.  There’s supply chain issues causing volleyball shortages.  Feminine hygiene products too.  Please… in the name of everything holy.  Please don’t short the beer!



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