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Human remains dating back to the Revolutionary War found in New Jersey.

Ocean County prosecutors are releasing 9-1-1 recordings and video of an officer-involved shooting that happened in Atlantic County last May.  Police responded to reports of a gun being discharged at a Dollar General in Pleasantville.  In the video, Jalial Whitted can be seen on body cam footage walking out of the store with a gun in his right pocket as officers try to de-escalate the situation.  Ocean County prosecutors are independently investigating the matter.  Whitted was injured, not killed.

A Millstone Township man is accused of fatally shooting a friend last month. Monmouth County prosecutors say David A. Bulk allegedly shot Gerard Carpinello several times on July 10th. Carpinello died last Friday and Bulk now faces murder charges.

This November, voters in Freehold Township will decide whether to increase the tax rate that finances the community’s open space trust fund.  The proposal would increase by one cent per 100-dollars assessed valuation the community’s open space, recreation, floodplain protection and historic preservation trust fund.  It would increase a property owner’s payment to the open space trust fund in Freehold by about 50 to 60 dollars a year.

Human remains dating back to the revolutionary war were found in New Jersey.  So far, as many as a dozen Hessian soldiers from the Revolutionary War were found at the site of Fort Mercer and the 1777 Battle of Red Bank.  It’s not Red Bank, Monmouth County, but rather down near Camden and Philly.  At a news conference at Red Bank Battlefield Park yesterday, researchers said they believe the remains are part of a mass grave of Hessian soldiers — German soldiers that the British had hired.  They said they hope to use DNA to identify the remains and find their descendants.

COVID numbers remain elevated.  2309 new cases ID’d by the state yesterday.  850 by rapid test.  20 deaths yesterday, that’s a five month high.

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