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Jimmy's Kid Filmed An Aaron Judge Homer!

My daughter turned 21 last month and for a present I got her and her boyfriend 2 tickets to the Yankees Mariners game, on August 1st at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York. Now I’ve spoiled my kids, as has my wife, but somehow they have turned out pretty good. So for her big day, I sprung for field-level MVP seats! I won’t say here how much I spent, but let’s just say I have never sat there, nor have any of my friends! So the brat and her bf trekked out the big ballpark in da boogie down the Bronx, and as typical Gen Z’ers, everything was well documented and coordinated.

From the Instagram posts of their lunch and beers at Billy’s Sports Bar to multi-level filtering of the stadium and field, to my daughter’s cute but totally nontraditional PINK Yankee cap she purchased just for this occasion.

They say it’s all about experiences for this generation, so what can I say? But through the myriad of photo texts I was getting, something amazing happened. My daughter did…Well, what I would do? She turned on the video on her phone, held her hand steady, and perfectly filmed Aaron Judge’s 43rd home run of the 2022 season! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I watched the video she texted me from those awesome seats! I was high, it was far, and it was gone! from an angle, you didn’t see on tv! Honestly, I am so proud of her! I may even call our digital department and see if they need any filming done before she heads back down to Florida next week for her senior year at Nova Southeastern University. No, she’s not studying film! Haha.

I’ve included the video below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



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