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Well, this is a horror show.  Police in Long Beach Island say two teenagers form North New Jersey are charged with setting off firecrackers that caught a woman’s dress on fire last Saturday night.  They threw them out of their moving car.  The woman suffered second degree burns.  19-year-old Justin Liebhauser from Randolph and 18-year-old Gianni Aveta from Wayne have been arrested.  Both are charged with aggravated arson.

More problems with unruly crowds in Toms River mostly on the barrier island town of Ortley Beach.  At this week’s Toms River Township Council meeting, residents complained that teens have been using their front yards as public bathrooms.  Businesses complained of vandalism. Toms River Police say they’re allocating more officers to the area but they say their hands are often tied because of regulations.  They suggest the city consider a curfew of ten p-m.  The current curfew is 11pm.

New Jersey American Water continues to have a mandatory water conservation order for customers in Monmouth and Ocean county.  Due to the draught and heat wave.  Their customers in this region must restrict their outdoor water use to odd/even days until further notice.

The APP reports that Six Flags Great Adventure is holding hiring events to staff up for the Fright Fest season.  Pay is 13 to 18 bucks.  Auditions and interviews start this Saturday and Sunday.

They also report that paid parking will be a reality in the downtown area of Freehold.  About 500 parking spots will go from free to paid, as they’re currently taking bids from 3rd parties to run a parking meter scheme in the future.

Local COVID number continue to spike.  3877 new cases by PCR test, another 865 by rapid test.

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