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DUI Deadly Crash in Lakewood, New Dog Park in Berkeley Township, Funeral Home Body Mix-Up

Ocean County prosecutors are bringing a slew of charges against a man involved in a deadly car accident.  Twenty-year-old Mordechai Berkowitz was allegedly driving drunk and going more than 90-miles-an-hour on South Lake Drive in Lakewood Township Friday night when his vehicle slammed into a Rav-4, killing Juana Lopez-Hernandez.  Berkowitz is facing aggravated manslaughter, vehicular homicide, and other charges.

Berkeley Township officials would like to build a new dog park and expand the Eastern Boulevard Soccer complex.  They’d like to use close to 32 acres of vacant land to add three more soccer fields, three softball fields, a roller hockey rink, and several parking lots.  The proposed dog park would be built on Butler Boulevard and would include a 24-space parking lot.

From Bergen County:  A family is suing a funeral home after the wrong body was put into their deceased mothers’ casket.  The Kim family is suing because the body of 70 year old Whaja Kim was in the coffin instead of their matriarch, 90 year old Kyung Ja Kim.  Both of Korean descent.  The lawsuit seeks 50 million from the Blackley Funeral Home in Ridgefield, according to NJ dot com.

Our bi-weekly peek at COVID numbers sees them tick back up over the 3 grand mark.  State announced 2849 new cases by PCR test and another 1100 by rapid test.  The BA5 Omicron variant is driving the new, higher infection rate.  Hospitalizations are over 1000, highest since February.

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