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Man Loses Thousands After Cashing Stolen Rare Coins In At Coinstar Machine At Grocery Store

Dateline, Florida.  Capitol of the No Sweat News.

20-year-old Shane Anthony Mele of Riviera Beach had a problem.  He had stolen a bunch of rare coins from a rare coin place back in March.  Problem was he couldn’t find anyone to buy them from him.

In all, the coins were worth about 33,000 dollars.  He was able to sell a five or six for a few grand but couldn’t get rid of the rest.

Shane, being the genius that he is came up with a plan.  He brought them to his local grocery store and ran them through the coin machine… Coinstar.

Where he got face value for them… not the thousands and thousands that they would have been worth had he found a rare coin buyer.

Ended up with a fraction of the rare coins’ value.  Cops connected the dots with security camera footage of the Coinstar machine.

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