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I now join the ranks of some great and interesting men who down through history have taken great pride in adorning their upper lip with hair! From history’s past, to politicians, singers, actors, sports figures and more, mustaches have held on to their relevancy. Sure they have been overshadowed in various decades by the mutton chop, the goatee, the hipster beard, and dare I say it… the soul patch (oof).  Still, the fact remains, great men, and a woman or two have worn the furry lip warmer to it’s finest hour! Let me tell you, growing a good stache is not easy! you have to trim it just right. One slip of the razor and you’re looking like a drunken party dare gone bad. Also, I find the color of my mustache interesting as well. Kind of salt and pepper, but it photographs much darker, and much much darker than any beard stubble. I was thinking about shaving it off, but honestly, I’ve gotten great response from it so I may keep it for the rest of the summer! Who knows maybe someone will see me walking with my stache down the street and ask me to be on tv or in a porno ? Who knows? It could happen! Anyway to honor my mustache, your mustache, and everybody’s mustache (except that German bad guy), here is a gallery of great mustaches through history. I’m sure I’ll miss a few, but these are my favorites, in all of their glory. from the fat to the skinny http://gty.im/109437369

, from the black and brown to the grey and white, from pencil to handlebar and everything in between. Making bald guys feel better for generations, my ode to the flavor savor. Thanks mustache, and sorry about that sneeze the other day, I know you mustn’t be fond of that.