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Hosted by Tom Hanley Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30 pm

New Single Available Now!!!

Heal The Wounded is a Pop Punk act from Barnegat.  The group is made up of singer/songwriter/guitar player Kyle Wise, drummer Sean Catney, and bass player Tom Meyers.  While they have only been around for about six months, they are well on their way to making an impact.  The band has released a number of singles via their YouTube channel.  With a steady stream of tracks hitting the Internet, Heal The Wounded has clearly hit the ground running.

The band’s latest single “Change Of Scenery” is a catchy tune with some excellent sonic elements.  Find all of your streaming and downloading options HERE.

Keep an eye on everything Heal The Wounded is up to on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Turn up their music on Spotify!

The video for “Change Of Scenery” pairs perfectly with the track.  Shot atop what looks like a Queens rooftop, it makes excellent use of the Manhattan skyline.  There’s plenty of scenery to go around and the videography is top notch, perfectly capturing the band’s high energy performance.  Check it out!