Good morning, Rat Rock Nation!   Davey Mac of the Morning Rat Race here and I’m gonna do my best Andy Rooney impression as I have had it with New York City taking advantage of our wallets!

On the Rat Race this morning, Carl did a news story where he talked about New Jersey trying to get legislature passed that makes us immune from getting those unfair traffic tickets that come at the hands of NYC cameras.

This trend has been going on for a while in the Big Apple and I, myself, have received multiple tickets because of these damn cameras and that ain’t right!   The cameras are on traffic lights and street corners, at the bridges and tunnels, in E-Z Pass lanes…they’re everywhere!

And, in my opinion, it’s downright cheap and ridiculous that these cameras determine whether we’re speeding or not!   I don’t mind being pulled over if they get me…but it should be a HUMAN giving me the ticket and not a bleeping robot!

Furthermore, what’s with the prices of the Hudson River crossings these days?!   Twenty bucks for a toll?!   We’re just driving into New York not Heaven!!

Combined with insane gas prices, it costs like a million dollars to drive from Jersey to the City for the night!   And THEN you gotta park!   Forget about it…that’s another 50 to 80 bucks right there!

So here’s my brilliant idea: we New Jerseyans boycott going into New York City until they meet our demands!

* The new cost of the tolls for GWB, Hudson & Holland Tunnels goes to $1.50 for all New Jerseyans

* Parking costs $10 in Manhattan for all New Jerseyans

* No robot-camera-traffic tickets for any New Jerseyan

* Officially recognize New Jersey as a vital part of New York City’s economic prosperity and give us deals on NYC food, shows, sporting events, etc.!

* The New Jersey Parade – official festival and parade in Manhattan that celebrates the great Garden State!

So what do you think of my ideas?!   I think I got something here!   Come on, Jersey!   We can do it!   No more going into New York until they recognize our awesomeness and make a few changes!   And that’s my two cents!

– Davey Mac (Morning Rat Race)



"East Side" Dave McDonald. Co-Host Of The Morning Rat Race (6 to 10 AM). Digital Content Coordinator & Producer.