LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - FEBRUARY 25: Frontman James Hetfield of Metallica performs at Allegiant Stadium on February 25, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Well, Metallica is becoming the kings of pop culture right now!   Just nine days after Metallica‘s classic song, “Master Of Puppets,” appeared on Netflix’s Stranger Things, the heavy metal and hard rock icons have shown up in another awesome show!   Last night, a piano and orchestra version of Metallica’s legendary “Enter Sandman” was featured in an epic scene on HBO’s Westworld…and the song absolutely rocked.

For those who may not have seen Westworld…it’s an ultra-trippy, mind-bending, Sci-Fi series that gets really nuts.  Sometime in the future, evil geniuses build time period theme parks inhabited by incredibly realistic robots.   Humans then visit these parks and do whatever they want to the robots.

On last night’s Westworld (Season 4, Episode 3), two of the main characters went to a new park where the theme is the Roarin’ Twenties.   At some point, a gangster and his crew enter this 1920’s-esque bar/brothel called The Butterfly Club and they shoot the place to pieces.   That is where “Enter Sandman” is used and it’s epic.

Since the episode just came out and isn’t yet 24 hours old, HBO didn’t put the video out for the scene…but they did release the Metallica track (as composed by Ramin Djawadi)…and it’s pretty sweet.   Check it out…followed by the Stranger Things clip!

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