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By now you may have already heard about the 4th Of July Fireworks Fire Fiasco after The Jersey Shore Blue Claws game. Bushes were destroyed and hearts pounded for a few minutes Monday night for sure.

Crack Rat Rocker Chris Stasiak and I were at the game with our families. After a delicious bowl of Miagie’s Spicy Pork, Rice and Cabbage, I settled in to watch a great game with family and friends 4 rows off of first base in the Station’s season tickets.

About the 7th inning with the Yankees affiliate, the Hudson Valley Renegades crushing the Claws 6-0, and with darkness looming, my wife and I decided we best head home to tend to our firework allergic dogs, who the night before had made one of our bathtubs their blast bunker. So we bid everyone farewell and Happy 4th and all.

My buddy Chris and his family stayed and he was able to take these shots and shoot some video of the fire. Looks pretty scary if you ask me. Chris said it was, but the fire department and Blue Claws staff did a great job putting out the blaze and stopping it from spreading any further.

Folks I’m not a Karen, but this is why professional fireworks belong in the hands of professionals. These folks know what to do and how to handle an emergency when it happens…And they do happen! Just some food for thought.

Speaking of food, I wish I had another of one of those Spicy Pork bowls right about now. Wooo, talk about fire!