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Driving in New Jersey is extremely challenging, especially on the Garden State Parkway. Ever since pandemic restrictions were lifted, driving in New Jersey has become a nightmare.

People are animals! It seems like almost no one uses their turn signals. Nearly every morning, I see cars jump on to exit ramps in front of cars already in the exit ramp lane because it’s more important for them to get where they need to go.  It happens a lot when I get off at exit 98 to go to the WRAT.

Do you realize that I can automatically figure out why you’re driving well under the speed limit?  It’s because you’re texting or checking your phone. Then when I change lanes and slow down so my car is next to yours, there you are with your face fixed on your phone screen while driving a two-ton vehicle that just might slam into the person in front of you and cause a multi-vehicle accident, all because your phone is far more interesting than paying attention to all the other lives sharing the road with you.

It appears that you are a self-involved douche!  It’s like other drivers have a “Me first, and F**k you” mindset.

I have had it! Whatever happened to common courtesy? Better yet, whatever happened to obeying traffic laws?

Tell me, what is so difficult about using turn signals? It takes less than a second to hit the blinker lever on the steering column to let other drivers know your next move. It can literally help avoid an accident and save lives.

For instance, this morning as I was heading North on the GSP near Brick before the exit to Route 70, I could tell the guy in the white SUV on my right wanted to get over because he was driving slow alongside my car. Had he used his blinker I would have let him in.

Can anyone figure out why we’ve become a society of selfish drivers? I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts you might have on driving in New Jersey. 

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