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Alex Kitner, the cherub face young boy out for a summer swim off the coast of the New England beach town of Amity Island, was attacked and killed by a Great White Shark.

The story sent shock waves not only through the souls of the horrified beachgoers who witnessed it that fateful day nearly 50 summers ago, but also all along the eastern seaboard and beyond. He was so young, so innocent.

Out of his mother’s eye for just a moment, and then a sea of red, and he was gone. A dark day for sure, and one that must be remembered. Just as the actions of the Amity Police Department must be remembered. Where was Police Cheif  Brody? Why did the Mayor not tell the public what was really going on? Why DIDN’T THEY CLOSE THE BEACHES SOONER??

Mrs. Kitner knew there was a coverup, as she slapped Brody in the face, in anger over her dead son. Yes, the Cheif would go on to be a hero days later, slaying the mighty beast, but at what cost?

Nothing then or now will bring Alex Kitner back. All we have is this day, June 29th, and the memory of that blood-soaked yellow raft, washing ashore, as hundreds looked on in horror. They’ll make a movie about it one day, I’m sure. It’ll probably be a blockbuster.

With bigtime actors and a catchy theme song. Most likely will make millions. But I won’t go see it. It’s just too real.

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