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This Dog Is Amazing!

Dateline, Kansas.

Jeremy and Sarah Hensen from Lenexa, Kansas went on vacation to Las Vegas so they left their dog Dexter at a local kennel.  Hey, kennels these days can be nicer than their owners home with pools and giant green fields and play areas in air conditioned rooms…

Well, they got a concerning notification from their door bell camera that there was activity on their front stoop…

It was their pup, Dexter!

Dexter had broken out of the kennel by somehow making it over a 6-foot fence and had run off…

Despite the kennel being over two miles away from home… you guessed it… Dexter had found his way and was pawing at the front door hoping to get back into his home.  Hey, Dexter doesn’t know what “vacation” is, he didn’t know that his mom and dad were off in Vegas gambling away his kibble and treat money (kidding!).

Dexter just wanted to be where he’s on a first-name basis with the squirrels in the back yard!

You gotta check out this video, it’s the doorbell cam video and it’s totally awesome… The pup shows up on the front step and scratches on the front door… at about 43 seconds in, the dog’s owner begins to talk to the dog, tells him what a good boy he is while a someone is on the way to collect Dexter and give him treats!

I guess in the future, this particular owner may need to find a neighbor or friend to stay at home with Dexter because this pupper clearly wants to be at home and not in a dog hotel no matter how nice that particular place might be!

There’s lots of house sitters and dog sitters out there, but sometimes it’s as easy as looking around your neighborhood for a responsible teenager who’s parents are into the idea of testing out their kids’ responsibility level.  Good luck!  And, thanks to Dexter for the great No Sweat News story today!

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