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Gotts is the RAT’S spokesman for Miller Lite, and I’m sure he’ll be happy to know that a few weeks ago Miller Lite introduced Miller Lite Beercoal, “the first-ever Miller Lite-infused charcoal.” Now Gotts can eat his beer while he drinks his beer.

How did these geniuses create this fine product? They used actual Miller Lite which is reduced down to a concentrate that is then used to coat the charcoal. All you have to do, is pour the briquets into your standard barbecue and set them on fire. “When burned, this special charcoal releases the taste of Miller Lite. The folks at Miller Lite described the taste like, “Wrapping whatever you’re grilling in a smokey beer blanket.”

Summer is grilling season and Summer is definitely beer season.  I want Gotts to fire up the grill on the RAT patio and make me beer-infused chicken and a couple of cobs of corn.  On second thought, I may regret letting Gotts near fire.