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Kodiak was granted a second chance on Hit Parader’s “No Cover.” Competing in the Wild Card Round against a slew of amazing acts on Wednesday, they did the Garden State proud.  The band broke out the song that first got them on “Jersey Rock” and took it to a whole new level.  “Alone” is a killer, uplifting track that not only stays in one’s head, but one’s heart as well.  Renamed “Extraordinary Hearts” for this performance, it truly was all that and more.  Kodiak showed how much heart they have with epic performances from all 4 band members that created something much greater than the sum of its parts.

Here are some of the reactions:


“Kodiak took the most advice.  I saw more improvement from everyone in that band.  I think they heard us.”Alice Cooper

“That was awesome…It was really enjoyable to listen to you guys again.” Lzzy Hale

“You guys are killer!  I think as a band you sound incredibly tight.” Tosin Abase

“That was truly perfect.”Bishop Briggs

“You’re definitely way better…your talent is undeniable.”Gavin Rosdale

“You guys have a lot going on and you got a bright future.”Matt Pinfield


Kodiak ultimately was not selected to advance to the semi-finals, however they clearly made a serious impact.  This band is still very young and yet they have garnered praise from icons at the top of their craft.  We can’t wait to see what this band does next.

Congratulations to Kodiak on an extraordinary ride!

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“No Cover” is currently accepting submissions for Season 2.  All interested bands can apply HERE.

Watch Kodiak rock the hell out of Hit Parader’s “No Cover”!