Now this is just gross and wrong!   Controversy occurred last night in the Hawks – Hornets NBA Play-In game…and we’ve got the video!

The Hornets’ Miles Bridges received two technical and was ejected in the 4th quarter.   And then on his way to the locker room, Bridges took out his frustration on a fan.

There was a Hawks supporter with a yellow hat that was giving Bridges a hard time…and apparently the Hornet had enough.   He took out his mouthpiece and threw it at the guy.

Only one problem…he hit the wrong fan!   Bridges’ mouth-guard ended up striking some teenage girl instead of the dude in the yellow hat.   Ew!

I guess Miles Bridges throws mouth-guards like he shoots basketballs…HE MISSES A LOT!!   ZING!!

And that’s been another Opinionated Sports Opinion from East Side Dave! 


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