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New Single Available Now!!!

Reality Suite teamed with Sarah and Andrew of Aurin to produce an epic new acoustic track.  “Sleep With Ghosts” is available now on all streaming platforms.  It is the lead single off of Reality Suite’s upcoming acoustic album “Closure.”  The band asked their audience what tunes they wanted included on the album, but also chose to add two new songs.

Speaking on Jersey Rock on 95.9 The Rat drummer Brian King said, “‘Sleep With Ghosts’ has a long history with the band.  We actually started writing it ten years ago; early on in the band’s history.  This was one of those songs that just sort of lingered over the years and we thought it was the perfect addition to an album of fan favorites.”

“Sleep With Ghosts” is a song about being ghosted, however it pre-dates the term.  Brian King got the idea from an experience he had with an ex-lover.  The track evolved over the years to what it is today.   Reality Suite reached out to Sarah and Andrew Wayne of Aurin to take the single to the next level.

“It was totally a completely different song, ” Reality Suite singer Kimmii Heart said on Jersey Rock. “Bringing Sarah in and changing the dynamic in that way just made it so much more fun to do.”

The resulting duet is a beautiful haunting track.  Find it on spotify, apple music, and amazon!

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The video for “Sleep With Ghosts” was directed and produced by Kim Casamento.  Check it out!