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An eight-year-old girl takes on Jonathan Davis’ powerful vocal for this cover of Korn’s “Freak on a Leash,” and it’s pretty impressive.

The cover comes via The O’Keefe Music Foundation, an Ohio-based music education non-profit responsible for a ton of amazing covers. (Just check out their YouTube channel for proof.)

Per the cover’s description on YouTube, “When 8-year-old Zoe isn’t drawing unicorns, playing hopscotch or watching cartoons, she likes to utterly DESTROY Korn songs. And she did just that with 4 other destroyers from around the country: Dominic Donile (15) on lead guitar, Evan Harris (16) on drums, Fritz Dannemiller (18) on bass and Ashton Hall (13) on rhythm guitar. Due to limited funds and COVID precautions, OMF was unable to book a professional recording studio. So back to the garage we went! And thanks to our donors, this recording and video was completely FREE for the kids.”

If you’re wondering about certain mature lyrics in “Freak on a Leash,” don’t worry; Zoe sings altered lyrics more appropriate for a child. However, her scatting on the bridge remains, and it’s pretty damn cute. As one person mentioned in the YouTube comments, “Imagine how this girl’s vocal improves the next coming years.” Honestly, we can’t wait to hear it!



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