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DUSSELDORF, GERMANY - JUNE 15: A flight attendant gives safety instructions to tourists prior to the departure of TUIfly flight X3 2312, the first package tour flight to Mallorca since March, at Dusseldorf Airport during the coronavirus pandemic on June 15, 2020 in Dusselfdorf, Germany. The travellers are participating in a test project in which the Spanish government is allowing up to 11,000 tourists from Germany to travel to the Balearic Islands. Spain, which was hit especially hard by Covid-19, has begun to ease pandemic lockdown measures, though tourist travel is still restricted. The project is meant to test the viability of reopening the country to tourism. (Photo by Pool/Getty Images)

If someone dies on a flight you’re on and they’re sitting next to you, guess what?

Listen to this flight attendant tells you. Just click link below.



This is going to make your next flight very interesting.

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