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Jonathan Davis contracted COVID-19 back in August 2021, but the Korn frontman says he’s still dealing with the after-effects of the virus.

Davis said in a recent appearance on Lipps Service With Scott Lipps (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), “I think I got that long COVID stuff. I’m still fatigued like crazy. I’m doing the best I can. But I’m alive. And hopefully in time this will get better.”

Davis would detail that even pre-pandemic, he kept his distance on tour for the sake of his voice/health saying, “I’m gonna live my life and get on with it. I definitely cater my life around not getting sick, though, because if I get sick, there’s no show. COVID or not, that’s been my life my whole career. I’ve got my own bus. I stay away from people on purpose because if I get sick, there’s no one to fill in for me.”

He continued, “With the other guys, when they all got sick with COVID, we had people on standby; they flew out instantly, they could fill in and we could do a show. But with me, I’ve gotta be careful. I always have been, but it’s now to the point where I’m like… A year ago, that was, like… I was freaking out. [Laughs] I was, like, ‘I don’t wanna get this.’ And I go out on tour and I get it. And there you go.”

When Davis returned to the road in late August 2021 following his bout with COVID, he was still dealing with fatigue and got back into the performing by taking a cue from Dave Grohl and utilizing a throne.


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