NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 25: A delivery person is seen crossing a nearly empty 5th Avenue during the coronavirus pandemic on April 25, 2020 in New York City. COVID-19 has spread to most countries around the world, claiming over 200,000 lives with infections close to 2.9 million people. (Photo by Justin Heiman/Getty Images)

A lot of streets in America hold historical and cultural significance. has shared the eight most famous streets in America, starting off with Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Notoriously famous for its restaurants, bars, and strip clubs, Bourbon Street stretches for 13 blocks through the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, with the building facades showcasing Spanish and French background of the state,” the website writes.

Also making the list are Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and Wall Street in New York City, Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas, Ocean Drive in Miami, and the Magnificent Mile in Chicago.

Have you walked on any of these famous streets? Let us know.

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