You have to see this three-pointer made by Iowa star Caitlin Clark!   This shot’s gotta be from 35 feet!   And there’s plenty of time on the shot clock!   Yowza!

Clark went on to score 46 points and had 10 assists.   But it was this trifecta that has people buzzing today!

Check it out!   Hey, Steph Curry!   You got some competition!   This Caitlin Clark can flat-out shoot!   I wanna see a head-to-head three-point contest between Clark and Curry!   My money’s on the Hawkeye!

Moreover…as a Knicks fan (whose team is in 12th place in the East)…let’s sign Caitlin Clark!   We need some outside shooting pronto!!

This has been another Opinionated Sports Opinion From East Side Dave!



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